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Yes, We Use Our Smoker All Year...

Sorry guys, it's been a while since we shared a recipe. The last couple of weeks have been long and eventful around here, so when I (Rebecca) was looking for dinner ideas this weekend, something tasty and relatively easy was the name of the game, which ended up being a smoked tri tip.

I had set out a tri tip a couple of days earlier (thank goodness!) so I threw it in a marinade of Worcestershire sauce and apple cider vinegar when I got home from the store and running errands Sat. afternoon (about 3 p.m.). I put some apple and hickory chips in the smoker to heat about 4, and then took the tri tip out of the marinade and sprinkled some of our rib rub on both sides before putting it on the smoker about 4:30.

An hour and fifteen minutes later it was reading at 135 degrees, so I pulled it off the smoker and let it rest for 15 minutes (I really am trying to be better about letting things rest, it makes a world of difference!)

Sliced against the grain, even the littles asked for seconds, and between the 4 of use a whole tri tip was devoured!

We had it with some yummy baked sweet potatoes, but it would have been delicious as the base for tacos, or tossed on top of a salad too!

Want to give this a try? We have plenty of tri tips in the store, come see us Wed-Sat to grab one!

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