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Less Familiar Cuts...Again

Hey! So sorry, I've been slacking on the recipes for unfamiliar cuts, and really on posting in general the last few months...I'll try to do better! I have one for you now though (as well as an update on some new things in the store...but that is a separate post).

I pulled out a sirloin tip roast recently and put it in the fridge to defrost overnight. Once it was thawed, I got out my handy little sou vide and oversized pot (I am now convinced the sou vide was a worthwhile investment). I put the sirloin tip roast in a vacuum sealed bag with some garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper and sealed it up, then placed it in my large pot with water and the sou vide machine. I set the sou vide for 132° for 18 hours (yes, you read that right), and left it. The only thing you really have to do while it is cooking is make sure the water doesn't get below the minimum water line on the sou vide machine.

After 18 hrs, I pulled it out, patted it dry and put a mix of salt, pepper and garlic powder on top, then put it on the oven on high broil to get a crust.

We sliced it thin and had it with Brussel sprouts, corn, and salad that night, and it was good, but to be completely honest, I've been having it as roast beef sandwiches for lunch and I think that is where it really shines

We do have a few of these in the store if you are feeling brave!

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