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Less Popular Cuts Part 3?

It's been a while since we posted...sorry about that! To make up for it, we'll be sharing a couple of posts today, so bear with me!

I promised I would share some recipes/ideas for some of the less popular or well known cuts, so let's talk hanging tender!!

Kiddos and I had Valentine's Dinner a day late because, honestly, Tuesday did not go as planned.

I set out a hanging tender, or hanger steak for all of us to share...the one I had weighted 0.95 lbs.

As much as I love to grill, and as nice of an evening as it was, if I'm being honest sometimes I just really want the nice crisp sear of a cast iron skillet (plus extra iron!), so that is how I chose to fix it.

I pulled the steak out about 20 minutes before I planned on cooking it. I did pull out the membrane that runs down the middle before cooking, but you can remove it after too. I seasoned it with McCormicks Montreal Steak seasoning on both sides and let it come to room temp. When I was ready to cook, I heated some olive oil in the cast iron until hot, then added the steak. Let it cook for (maybe?) 5 minutes a side (medium rare is the preference across the board in our house), and then let it rest about 10 mins. (I really am trying to do better about that).

Then it was sliced and served with cauliflower and some rice. While I usually do homemade potatoes wedges with a meal like this for the boys, on busy weeknights, sometimes its Uncle Ben's 90 second rice instead (which really is not bad, and comes in several varieties).

It was the perfect size for the three of leftovers here!

Hanging tender is one of those cuts where there is only 1 per animal, so we don't have a huge supply in the store, but we usually have at least one...and for our halves and wholes customers, one we always encourage you to keep!

Anyone else have a great hanging tender recipe?

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