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What You Don't Know...Can Be Delicious!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Let's talk hanging tender and skirt steak...

They were both on the menu tonight at our house (don't judge, with 2 growing boys one of ANYTHING doesn't go very far).

They may be 2 less known/popular cuts, but if you love great beef flavor, they are 👌

The hanging tender, also known as hanger steak or butcher steak, as well as the skirt steak come from the "plate" portion of the animal. They both have a ton of flavor, and can be fixed several different ways.

Tonight, I tossed the hanging tender in a bag with some teriyaki marinade for about 30 mins. The skirt steak I coated with one of the rubs from the store, and let set for about 20 mins. I then threw them both on the grill for about 3 or 4 mins a side (we like our beef medium rare), then after they rested about 10 minutes sliced them up!

There were no leftovers here, if that tells you anything!

You can find both of these cuts, and the rub, in the store...come see us!

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