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Perfect Summer Meal??

So the sweet corn is officially ready...which of course means that I brought some home for dinner tonight!

For us, there is a certain combination that just screams perfect summer meal...and that meal is burgers and corn on the cob. We've had to wait a little longer than normal for it this year, but that just means it was all that much sweeter (literally!) when we did get to enjoy it.

If you've stopped in the store before, you've probably heard my spiel about the difference between ground round, ground beef and ground chuck (and yes, we carry all three in 1 lb packs!).

We usually keep ground beef at our house; for me it's the most versatile, so I can thaw several packs at the beginning of the week and then just make whatever dinner may strike my (or the boys') fancy that night. But I stumbled across a few packs of ground chuck (which generally has a little more fat in it that straight ground beef, as opposed to ground round, which generally has less fat), and so burgers were automatically on the menu.

Combine that pack of ground chuck with the 1/2 dozen ears of corn I brought home this evening and, you guessed it, it was burgers and corn on the cob for dinner.

There are a million different ways to fix corn on the cob - shuck it and put it boiling water (which I did tonight), grill it, microwave it, put it in a cooler with boiling water, etc. so if you have a favorite method, go for it! If not, the shuck it and boil it is a go to for me, probably because that is how I grew up.

As for the burgers...I split a 1 lb pack into 4 quarter pound patties and then seasoned them with salt and pepper...yep, that's it. If I can grill something, I will always choose that, so the burgers went on a hot grill for a couple of minutes each side (depending on how you like your burger cooked). and then pulled off to let it rest.

Once the corn was cooked, I used an old family method of buttering it...take a piece of bread (the end or heel if you have it) and slather it with butter. Then just roll the ear of corn through the piece of bread from one end to the other, and ta-da, buttered corn without the mess! I add a little salt for the boys, and dinner is served!

We will have the corn (for a few weeks) and the ground (beef, chuck and round) in the store, so come by and see us!

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