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Fall Updates and Some New Products!

It has been a very busy few months, which is why we haven't posted much, so apologies for two posts in one day, but we have some new things in the store that we definitely wanted to share!

We restocked on beef this week and decided to try something different - we had some of our ground beef made into beef sausage!

We have:

  • Hot Italian and Andouille Sausage Grillers (think bun size)

  • Bratwurst with cheese (again bun size)

  • Sage Breakfast Links

  • Maple and Sweet Italian Patties

  • Sage Loose Sausage

We had the brats the other night for dinner - they were delicious! The littles loved them, and they are not generally fans of hot dog type foods if that tells you anything.

We have also added some butter rolls and fresh homemade bread to our offering in the store - these are limited quantities each week, but we do plan on having them regularly!

And we are working on a few more items as we get closer to the holidays...stay tuned for more on that!

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