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News...and a Question

For those of you who follow us on social media, this is old news (or maybe a reminder?), but we're excited to share that as of the beginning of this month, you can find a selection of our canned goods (salsas, dressings, pickles and jams) in Remington (Southern Fauquier County) at RTO Tire and Automotive!

Steve, who owns RTO, enjoys our pickles and peach salsa so much that he ask if he could carry a selection of the products, and we were thrilled to be able to work with him so that our friends a little further south of the store could cut down on the drive and purchase some products.

Go see him in Remington to give them a try...and if you have another product you'd like to see him carry let us know!

Speaking of cutting down on the drive...if we were to offer pre-orders with delivery to Steve's shop on a regular basis, would you be interested? You would let us know what cuts and how much you wanted, and we would invoice you so you could pay. You would then pick up on a specific day at the shop in Remington.

If you would, let us know!

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