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Making busy week nights just a little easier...

Evenings this time of year are crazy around here...anyone else??

Between back to school, sports, calving, other farming obligations and everything else, there is not always a ton of time to throw dinner together in the evenings, so we always try to keep a couple pounds of ground beef thawed in the fridge. Why? Because it is super quick and versatile!

✔one pot spaghetti (maybe not right now with as hot and humid as it has been)

✔burgers on the grill


✔and, a fan favorite here, tacos!

It was taco night tonight for us...two pounds of ground beef with your choice of seasonings, and then everyone can pick their toppings and taco shells! (Or if you are like some of us here that are watching our figures, throw it on top some lettuce and skip the shell).

Delicious dinner in under 20 mins, that everyone eats!

Consider this your friendly reminder that we sell ground beef in one pound packs and we

also have taco seasoning for sale if you don't already have one you love!


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