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We're Gearing Up For the Holidays!

Now that Halloween is past, we are looking forward to the holiday season at the store. We'll be bringing in a variety of items over the next month for your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Holiday get-togethers and presents!

First up - our cowhide items make great presents. With earrings, bags, wallets, wine holders and more, there is something for everyone!

You may notice in the picture, we are also offering gift baskets! These are completely customizable with whatever items you would like to use, plus a Store at Locust Hill Gift Card that you can load with whatever amount you would like.

We are also excited to announce we have coffee in the store now too...mostly whole bean, but some ground as well. This is fresh roasted coffee from Lone Oak Coffee Co. in Winchester, and we'll be placing orders regularly, so if you would prefer a certain blend ground, let us know and we are happy to order it for you!

Finally, we have some ribbon wreaths available, and will have some pine wreaths soon!

We'll be sharing more as we add items, so stay tuned!

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