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Still Christmas Shopping??

I know, I know, two posts in one day?'s 10 days until Christmas! (Not to stress you out...okay, I may be slightly stressed out, so if you are too, you're in good company.)

Still looking for last minute gifts? Come see us at the store!

Our beef bags (which are 15-20 lbs of beef with a mix of roasts, ground beef and steaks all in a reusable, insulated tote bag, valued at at least $160 if everything was purchased separately, but sold in the store for $145, yay for saving money and buying gifts!) and cowhide items make great gifts, and honey is a perfect stocking stuffer!!Or if you have someone who likes to pick their own items, we have gift cards!

Hosting a get together? Local cheese is perfect for charcuterie boards or cheese plates, and we have some beautiful local pottery to serve it on!

Overnight guests? Fresh roasted coffee and fresh local eggs are a great way to wake up!

Come see us in the store to stock up!!

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